This is a Twitch chat bot that will timeout anyone that posts a weeb emote in your chat. nam
You'll have 0 weebs in your chat after you add this bot 4head

How to add the bot to your channel
    • Type ==join in the bot's chat.
    • Type /mod 0weebs in your chat to mod the bot.
    • Done :)
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Contact info

Bot by badoge :)
If you find any issues or if you have suggestions or questions, you can contact me:
in this chat
or on discord
or by email

  • How do I remove the bot from my channel?
    • Type ==leave in your chat.
  • How does the bot work?
    • When a user posts a message in chat, Twitch sends the message text and the emotes in separate fields, the bot checks the emote field only and not the message text like every other moderation bot, so it only bans users that actually have the emote.
      Because of the way the bot checks for emotes, it's only able to accurately detect Twitch emotes, BTTV/FFZ/7TV emotes can be banned using the ==banphrase command.
  • Which emotes are banned?
    • You can check the list of banned emotes using the API
      • The list consists of emote prefixes mostly and not individual emotes so it is not indicative of the total number of banned emotes.
  • How do you find these emotes?
    • Most emotes are subbmited by the major contributors npas76 & viology
    • Users can report emotes using ==suggest
    • I frequently add emotes that I randomly see while watching any stream :)
  • Why is the bot banning a non-weeb emote?
    • Some channels might have some non-weeb emotes that get timed out because the whole emote prefix is banned.
  • Why is the bot not banning a certain weeb emote?
    • If you find a weeb emote that is not on the list, you can use ==suggest to report it.
    • You can also add the emote to your channel's ban list using the method below.
  • How can I ban an emote?
    • If you want to ban an emote that is not on the global emote list then you can use the ==addprefix, ==addsuffix or ==addemote commands to add/remove a custom prefix/suffix/emote (Twitch emotes only, for BTTV/FFZ/7TV emotes use ==banphrase instead)
    • ==addprefix will make the bot ban any emote that starts with the prefix that you provide. Example: ==addprefix forsen will make the bot ban any emote that starts with "forsen"
    • ==addsuffix will make the bot ban any emote that ends with the suffix that you provide. Example: ==addsuffix Dance will make the bot ban any emote that ends with "Dance"
    • ==addemote will make the bot ban a single emote. Example: ==addemote Kappa will make the bot ban the "Kappa" emote
    • ==banphrase will make the bot ban a phrase. Example: ==banphrase AYAYA will make the bot ban anyone that types a message that contains "ayaya" in any way
  • Can I use the bot to ban other emotes?
    • You can also use the ==mainlist command to disable the global banphrases and use your own custom banphrases only.
  • How can I change the timeout length?
    • You can use the ==length command to change the timeout length, range is from 0 to 1209600.
      0 will just delete the message without a timeout.
      You can also use ==length perma to permanently ban anyone that uses a banned emote.
  • Why did the bot leave my channel?
    • There are a couple reasons why the bot might leave your channel:
      • You or one of your mods banned the bot.
      • You got suspended from Twitch.
      • You did not mod the bot.
  • What programming language is the bot written in?
    • JavaScript (Node.js)
  • Where is the bot hosted?
    • The bot is hosted on AWS US West (Oregon), which is the same region that Twitch uses.
  • Is the bot open source?
    • yeah but open source software is like a 3rd party thing and I don't know
  • More questions?
    • Use one of the contact methods listed above or use the ==suggest command to ask me anything.